Rise of the new sorceress – Epilogue (Barusu’s perspective)

This is an epilogue to branched story where Barusu decides to steal Annabele’s body. I hope the story was clear enough for you to enjoy it.

The Rise of the New Sorceress will continue in a different path. The main protagonist will be Annabelle instead of Barusu. The branching point is Rise of the new sorceress – part 9


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4 Responses to Rise of the new sorceress – Epilogue (Barusu’s perspective)

  1. This is interesting I never expected that I would be able to influence someone to do such a story was actually considering a Re:Zero story myself since my stories have been going too dark as of late.


    • Toda Akiko says:

      Yes, you anime captions pushed me towards creating my own. I saw you captions and wished you’d do more of those but you rarely did. Instead, you focus more on non-anime content. That is good of course but not exactly what I’m looking for. That’s why I took matters into my own hands and started writing on my own. You still stay as one of my greatest inspirations.
      PS: I’d love to see completed SAO and Konosuba series you introduced 🙂


      • Truth be told I actually lost track on those stories but finally working on it again.


        • Toda Akiko says:

          Yes, to be honest I saw you riding into a trap when you let Kazuma swap with Chris (that white haired thief who gets her panties stolen in the anime). The problem is that she is secondary character. Therefore, there is very few usable images online. Maybe you’re better searcher than I am though.


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