Why do I do captions and not written stories?

There are several valid reasons for that:

  1. Captions don’t require that much time to read (it’s easier for the reader to follow).
  2. Long written stories require you to spend several minutes reading (at least) in order for you to decide if it’s your cup of tea or not. Captions will usually suggest that in category below the actual picture. Also, if you read a caption that you didn’t like, it took only 2 minutes (max) of your life.
  3. Captions are more intense. They are brief, accompanied with a picture to help you imagine the situation and the character.
  4. Well written captions leave a space for your imagination. They just hit a “peak of an iceberg” and your imagination may go wild. See https://animetgcaps.wordpress.com/author/divinebandit/
  5. Caption series can easily be divided into many parts (provided you have enough pictures available). That means you can stop reading at any given part and get back to it later with no difficulties finding where you stopped last time.

That would be about it. I hope you enjoy my stories on this page. Next caption will be available on Monday (as scheduled).


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